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BeatBreakers & OMG! Drums: RX2 Loops

Welcome to a Power Pack of drum loops and drum kits for Stylus RMX or any RX2-compatible plug-In or sequencer!  This library bends the rules in some really fun ways with the drum kits as Recycle files that are included.

Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walkthru video (and other support videos) and you will be impressed with what YOU can do after adding this amazing library to your arsenal!

GENRES:  Trance / Industrial / Techno and virtually any style of dance music.

About the Programmer: John Lehmkuhl

Library Specifics: 

Once upon a time (around 2010) there was a plug-in called Satellite released worldwide by Ilio.  They distributed 2 drum loop libraries I created in the early 2000’s for the Roland and Akai samplers: Skippy’s Big Bad Beats and Skippy’s NoizBox (you can still buy these for Stylus RMX, BTW)… anyway they asked me to make some libraries that would be sold for this new Satellite plug-in format – so I created a drum groove library, a pad library and a synth bass library.  The plug-in didn’t get the support needed to survive and died a quiet death without much fanfare, unfortunately.

Roughly 1/3 of this library are those loops that I created for Samplebase and released as a library in the Satellite format. I had already created a Vol. 2 of loops that was never heard that I’ve added to this.  The last 1/3rd of the loops are from my vault of wacky fun loop projects I’ve done thru the years.  So that is where the 122 Drum Loops come from!

The Drum Kits – these are the drum kits that are also found in the BreakTweaker and Omnisphere 2.1 versions of this library by the same name.  I’m using the RECYCLE format to deliver these kits to a huge potential bunch of different plug-ins!  You can load these into Propellerheads Reason (Dr. REX), Ableton Live (Simpler), Logic Pro (the arrange page) as well as of course Stylus RMX and any other plug-in that can read RX2 files!!  There is also a folder included which has a bunch of MIDI grooves to work with – this folder will grow to have hundreds of MIDI files – check the PlugInGuru Facebook page or the BeatBreakers library page at – these midi files will be free for anybody to download!

120 Drum Grooves in the RX2 format.  Some of these are synth chords and SFX sounds for added sonic diversity!

120 Drum KITS in the RX2 format (I’m using the Recycle format in a tricky way so that an audio file contains 1-shot drum hits instead of a drum groove so that you have notes now playing full length drum samples!)

60 MIDI Files – I’m making more right now – my goal is for there to be over 200 MIDI files including MIDI files for every “A” groove from the BreakTweaker version of OMG! Drums.

Any RX2 compatible player which means a LOT of possible plug-ins and DAW applications including: Stylus RMX / Native Instruments Battery 4 / Native Instruments Kontakt 5 / UVI Falcon and DAW Applications including: Propellerheads Reason / Ableton Live / Logic Pro X / Cubase / Sonor / Studio One and many many others!

File Size: 509MB


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  • Beat Breaker

    Absolutely some of the best beats I have ever heard, this is one of the reason I brought them. Because I don’t play drums and when I need a beat late in the night I can put my headphones on and write me a song to Beat Breakers.

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