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MegaMagic: Dreams for Kontakt 5

NOW includes UNIFY version of all 160 Patches!

This is MegaMagic Dreams for Kontakt 5. A bunch of cool samples processed thru very long reverb to give them huge ambience and make them playable across the keyboard even though they are only a single sample!

Listen to the audio demos (NOTE: these demo songs are using the Omnisphere 2 version of the library – some patches used might not be available in the Kontkat 5 version but the samples are the same and the Kontakt 5 version has patches the Omnisphere 2 version doesn’t!), watch the patch walkthru video (and other support videos) and you will be impressed with what YOU can do with after adding this amazing library to your arsenal!

Chill, Downtempo, HipHop, Pop, Film – useful in almost anything. These make a KILLER contrast to everything else being totally DRY.

This was the first sample based library I created at PlugInGuru. I had released a Drum Kit library (now known as SuperMacho Drumz) but only patch based libraries… Spectrasonics introduced Omnisphere 2 which had the ability to load samples! Except…. it allowed only ONE sample across the keyboard to be use. Typically, to re-create an acoustic instrument, you need MANY samples across the keyboard – in some cases, every note! If I used dry samples of instruments – it would be very unrealistic above and below the original recording pitch and would fade away faster and faster as you play up the keyboard. I have always loved lush long reverb so I tried recording some instruments with huge reverb to make up for the notes fading out fairly quickly and the end result was really quite magical! There were other advantages as well – in that with the reverb recorded into the sound, it didn’t become super muddy – which happens if you add lots of 12-second long reverb as an effect.  So this library is unique in that the sounds require only a single sample across the keyboard to play and sound great and have a very lush, magical sound quality to them because of the type of reverb used. Watch the video below and it will all be clear to you!

This is the custom user interface we created for MegaMagic Dreams. This same basic interface is also used in MegaMagic Bells/Winds and MegaMagic Guitars. With this simple interface you have immediate access to a multi-mode filter, distortion, lofi, glitch, compressor, punch, 3-band high end EQ, a digital delay, 2 convolution reverbs and 3 Envelope Generators (for Volume, Filter and Pitch).

We are not fans of the super-beautiful interfaces for Kontkat that have 4 pages you have to scroll thru – that is (in our opinion) a poorly designed interface! Simplicity, speed and having personality are the goals that drive our design decisions.

Requires Kontakt 5.5 or later

Download size: 700 MB

File Delivery: Digital Download

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