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PlugInGuru UniSCREAM 2020


I’m thrilled to bring you a new GuruNation Programming adventure! This is a 700+MB patch + sample library of fun, creative and often spooky! 24 PlugInGuru customers created many of the samples and patches that are in this library! You may download this for free or pay from 2 price options if you feel generous.

Basses, Leads, Textures galore, Hits and Screams plus lots of creative BPM Patches of all sorts! This is a super fun community programming library – something we’ve done in the past and something we’ll do in the future! Enjoy!!

NOTE: This library is created for Unify 1.1 or later. No other plug-ins are required for this library to work!




Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walk thru video (and other support videos) and you will be impressed with what YOU can do  after adding this amazing library to your arsenal!

More details will go here soon. 


Enjoy programming a new with with Unify. Each layer = a complete instrument plug-in (plus insert effects and MIDI effects) and up to 24 layers can be created in a single Unify patch. I think of a Plug-in more as if it was a single oscillator in a synth than the whole sound. Think about that concept when working with Unify and the world will open up to you!

58 Sample Maps & 58 Patches that show off these sample maps.



Requires: Unify 1.1.10 or later

Download size: 450 MB (640+MB expanded and installed)

File Delivery: Digital Download

Installation Instructions: Download, unzip and follow the step by step instructions in PDF file. You can delete this file after the library has been installed.



Average rating: 4.75 out of 5 stars
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  • Amazing Sounds as always

    Great inventor and musical Guru John S.L. make all his sounds amazing way. His dedication to the creation, music and life is very inspiring. Thank you!

  • Shows Unify is huge value

    This bundle has amazing and useful patches all through the collection. It also provides a deep dive into just how much can be done with the innovative Unify engine (just dig into the details of the patches). Anyone with the slightest hesitation about buying Unify should stop waiting, immediately purchase Unify, download this patch library, enjoy the sounds, and then then get busy with the easy task of putting it all to good use.

  • nice nice nice

    As far as I’m concerned I’m very fond of textures and pads. There are many very beautiful textures as well as some very nice samples that come with this library.
    Well done to everyone who contributed and once again a special tribute to John and Shane .


    Awesome sound sets.

    At least something in 2020 is awesome.

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