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Patch Master Pro-1 for Unify

Library is part of the June Birthday Sale! Pick this library up for $20! Sale price is good for only 24 hours and will end Saturday at 12pm PST.

This is a very special library with unique capabilities!

97 Patches from 25 CORE Pro-1 Patches that use 2775 Samples. Total library size is 3GB.

I sampled 25 patches from a Behringer Pro-1 Monophonic analog synthesizer – actually I sampled them 4 times so we have random round robin playback. I took a picture of each patch and these Pro-1 “recipes” are now available in each patch by clicking the library art box in Unify! I also made a bunch of beautiful BONUS patches that make the final library a great addition to our libraries available for Unify.

The Pro-1 is only 1 voice but in Unify you can play up to 64 voices! This library is both to inspire you with the sounds but also is very much an EDUCATIONAL TOOL to help you get cool sounds to come out of your Pro-1 if you own one. Many of you guys don’t know the basics of synth programming so this library is designed to help you out! I own a Behringer Mono/Poly and Model D MiniMoog and plan to do similar libraries for those instruments as well in the future.

Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walkthru video (and other support videos) and you will be impressed with what YOU can do after adding this amazing library to your arsenal!

Details coming soon!

97 Patches in Unify format

68 CORE Patches featuring 3 versions of 25 Pro-1 Sample sets (Normal, Round Robin and Stereo Round Robin)

29 BONUS Patches using the above Pro-1 samples to make totally new inspiring patches. More patches to come in the final release of this library on July 1, 2022.

Requires Unify 1.8 or later.

Download size: 3 GB File Delivery: Digital Download / 3 GB fully installed


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  • Quite unique

    Quite unique. The original was good, but this library has taken it to another level. It gets you wanting to create right out of the box. Very inspiring, thank you.

  • Synths engineer on the bridge

    I know you know your sounds, your hardware, your synths. But listen: many overwhelmingly successful artist had what many of us can’t : a Professional Synth Engineer sitting at your side. With this library makes you feel having a Skippy at your side pushing you in the right sound direction. Taking sampling to what it is, besides programming a push button, he created a new instruments based on a great one. Get this one and you will hire a virtual Skippy pushing you to the next level.

  • A great reimagining of a mono synth

    John has really created something with this library that the original maker of this synth could never have conceived of. Polyphonic analog patches with true round robin samples that change ever so slightly with each note. Velvety and rich.
    Standouts for me are the analog brass and lead patches that evoke the heyday of big, analog synths (that cost a fortune back then) and the musicians that wielded them.
    Buy this if you want the best of analog synths in your tracks!

  • Such a useful Library!

    I just finished playing through all the patches in this library. I can see this lot will become the building blocks for many great sounding patches. The presets are ALL useful and sound amazing.

  • Pro-1 On The Button

    Happy Birthday Skippy ,my was two weeks ago.Now this my man is the “Best Library Yet”
    this hits all the right sonic
    points, for analog synth
    sampled Instruments out there. I will diffently past along the good new in my
    community. Hope to see what” Future “brings from
    your creative mind.

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