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Del Norte EDM / Chill for Kontakt 5

Say Hello to Del Norte EDM / Chill for Kontakt 5!


BIRTHDAY MONTH! Enjoy 50% OFF Savings during BIRTHDAY MONTH!   This library was released for Kontak for Unify in 2022, the library was originally released in 2017, but we’ll celebrate all the versions for a week!All of the patches have been converted to Unify format and additional bonus patches have been created as well!  Note: Full version of Kontakt 5/6 required for this library to work.

Features 430 Patches and an updated SYNTH INTERFACE that is more powerful than anything we’ve done before.  This is a very fun -while also being VERY POWERFUL-  library aimed at making cool synth sounds.  Perfect for virtually any genre but excelling at the plucky, perky attack patches that are so popular today in both Dance and Chill styles of music.

NOW in UNIFY Format with 446 Patches!! We include a special Application and Video to help you get this EASILY installed and running in Unify.


WIth 2 Oscillators, 9 effects, 3 Envelopes and unique abilities like modifying the sample start, randomizing sample start or having either OSC totally ignore the filter, you have a clean SINGLE PAGE (not 4 different sprawling pages) interface that is fast and fun to work with.

The Sounds come from 3 unique places:

  1. Unique Attack samples from Percussion, Bowed and Blown instruments.
  2. Virus TI2 BODY samples I created while visiting the Redwoods in Northern California (hence the name, Del Norte)
  3. Awesome buzzy FAT single cycle sampled waves from Maxwell, my modular synth!

Combining these in cool ways leads to cool sounds – listen to the audio demos, the single patch demos and watch the videos shown below to get an idea of how cool this library is to work with.  I price my libraries very fairly because I make many libraries and I want you to own all of them!

So enjoy the cool waves and amazing sounds created by Del Norte EDM | Chill!

(NOTE:FULL VERSION of Kontakt 5.6.8 or later REQUIRED)

NOTE: Audio Demos and Video are currently for the Omnisphere version. I’ll add Kontakt 5 demos as quickly as I can!

To Omnisphere 2 Del Norte EDM | Chill owners – this library is a completely different sounding library with a very different spirit compared to the O2 version. I intentionally did not listen to the Omnisphere 2 version while making these patches. I chose to price this very affordably which means there is not a cross-grade offer. They compliment each other very nicely!

More details coming – Del Norte for Kontakt 5 is here!
430 Patches

721 samples

50 MIDI Files (for your DAW) for songwriting inspiration!

A 3 min installation video is also included

Requires FULL VERSION of Kontakt 5.6.8 or later

Download size: 789 MB

File Delivery: Digital Download

Del Norte Summer Jam Audio Demo


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  • Fantastic!

    Beautiful sounds! I’m glad that I now own the Omnisphere and Kontakt versions. Thanks for the hard work that you and your team put into this. And just like you promised, It’s like buying a new synth.

  • Glitch! Super Creative on a Single Page

    This is a super creative VI and easy to dial in sounds. The unique attacks with the Body Samples from the Virus and Maxwell Modular all tweak able and easily adjusted from 1 PAGE. Glitch! Value for Money is amazing, ease of creating new sounds on the fly. Hardest part is waiting for the “Next” Creation from John and his Team!

  • Burny Kontakts Del Norte

    This Library catched me in a fly. There where instant inspiration just from the presets. Not to imagine what this Sound monster will bring me by playing with the endless possibilities of nice FX, Filter-fun or Waveform possibilities. The Sound is so excelent, you must hear for yourself. A new star is born…John and his Team are simly the best in this genre. Buy!!!!

  • Will get the job done

    Of all your good libraries this is one of your best.
    Well and so easy to vary the sound in endlessness way.
    Useful in any genre

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