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SabreSounds Dark Forces for Omnisphere 2 | Unify

Dark Forces is a versatile sound-set/toolkit for producing modern, hard-edged, and (if pushed) aggressive pop music, a role perhaps more normally handled by synths such as Serum. This library is designed to fill the gap between the raw power of our Toxic Omnisphere library for Omnisphere 2 and, well, everything else available for Omnisphere! These sounds will also be right at home in your EDM, SynthWave and Dark Ambient productions.

With 225 Patches for Omnisphere 2 PLUS a bonus Unified version of the library with 112 additional Patches and a 70-sample Drum/Percussion Kit with the Omnisphere 2 percussion samples found in this library (plus some bonus samples!), this library has a TON of truly original sonic inspiration to bring to any types of music productions.

This is library #7 by Sir Tim Dale and is a wonderful, edgy library with unique patches that will definitely fire you up!


During lockdown I started investigating various musical genres. At that time, Synthwave had spawned new genres such as Darkwave and Hardwave. I noticed that the majority of Omnisphere releases were falling into the “Ambient Cinematic” category, and other genres weren’t really being addressed. I had dabbled with some more aggressive sounds in Sabresphere vol2 and they’d been really well received. So I set out to produce something on the darker side. And then Spectrasonics bought out their Sonic Extensions – Seismic Shock and Undercurrent, doing exactly the sort of thing I had in mind (of course they did it better). But not everyone can afford the SEs, so I pressed on ….

Then I watched a little series on Netflix called “Arcane” and was blown away by not only the visual storytelling but also the music. And this led me down a vast rabbit hole of music connected to Riot Games and League of Legends (even to as far as what is going on in KPop right now!). And my measuring rule for the quality of the patches of Dark Forces became “would they fit into this world?”

The library contains 200 Omnisphere patches and 25 Omnisphere multis. All of these have also been Unified (Omnisphere is still required) as well as 99 bonus Unify multis, allowing more complex layering than would be possible within Omnisphere alone. Among the 200 patches are 20 experimental synth percussion patches which are essentially complete drum grooves in a single Omnisphere patch.

In addition to the waves and sound-sources included within Omnisphere, these patches also make use of custom samples I have recorded over the last couple of years, including: real percussion instruments (Bodhran, Djembe, Cajon, etc.), plastic pipework, kitchen percussion(!), the sounds of Berlin, a Eurorack effects system, VCV rack, and StutterEdit.

And there’s a lot more to come from the Dark Forces project ……

225 Patches for Omnisphere 2 with more of an aggressive, sinister tone than most libraries.

337 Patches in the Unified library: ALL Omnisphere 2 Patches saved as Unify Patches for easy loading/stacking of any patches. The library also includes 100 additional BONUS patches by Tim Dale as well as a 70 sample drum kit with all of the Omnisphere 2 drum & percussion samples plus 10 MIDI Files create by John Lehmkuhl that give you some really fun new sounding drum percussion grooves. Probably the coolest bonus library for an Omnisphere 2 created to date!

Requires Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 version 2.8.5 or Later.

The Bonus Unify library requires Unify 1.9.1 or later.

Download size:  150 MB

Fully Installed: Omnisphere version 130MB / Unify version 308MB

Digital Download – email link sent to you when purchased (works only 1x) – log into your account at the site to download the library or view your personal license number anytime.


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  • Tim Dale did it again

    Again a fantastic library from Tim Dale. A lot of fantastic BPM-Presets, but also dark Bass sounds or lighter but moody sounds like for example As the Smoke Clears…
    I love it

  • Happy Happy Joy Joy

    Making GOOD Music has never been better Fun and a tangible source of Joy
    Get It if you can

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