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PlugInGuru String Theory – Orchestrator

The Crumar Orchestrator is a truly special instrument created in the mid 70’s used on countless albums from artist ranging from Disco to P-Funk to Rock and everything in-between. I have sampled each of the preset instruments 2 times for round robin mono patches as well as stereo patches. I’ve processed many of the presets also thru granular and other forms of synthesis to make new never before heard variations based on these samples. I even recorded the Orchestrator directly to a Radio Shack cassette recorder which created…. well very LoFi versions of these sounds. To add even more honey to the pot, I sampled a couple software synth string presets I created that provide something different but compliment the Orchestrator very nicely. I also dug up some vintage drum machine samples. And, thanks to the GuruNation™ for providing feedback, I have created the synth strings for over 20 songs by numerous artists including Gary Wright, William Orbit, Radiohead, The Verve, Gary Numan, Abba, Joy Division, The Cars, Jean Michele Jarre and even Parliament! I’m not sure a more complete and unique set of synth string patches has been released as a single library before. On top of this, I’ve created some unique and special patches that I hope add even more use and inspiration to you.

Please watch the walkthru video and play the demo tracks. The Audio Demos are 100% ONLY THIS LIBRARY coming out of a single instance of Unify. 

115 Patches covering Bass, BPM, CRUMAR, Pad, String and Synth


1,023 Samples 

Requires Unify 1.10 or later.

Download size:  Single download – 2GB

Fully Installed: 2.5 GB

Digital Download – email link sent to you when purchased (works only 1x) – log into your account at the site to download the library or view your personal license number anytime.


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  • Not your Granma's Crumar

    This is a great retro library if you like to add phaser to your string patches you will love this collection.
    The Bass and Electronic Percussion were a very pleasant surprise. Granular stuff sounds modern and is great for ambient. Highly Recommend

  • Nostalgia

    Honestly best purchase I’ve made, had me kicking my feet haha. From hearing the orchestrator in my favorite songs, for example “Un fin de semana” by Bronco, to now playing them on my keyboard. Honestly really well and 100% recommend buying. Gracias Patron 🫡

  • Versatile range of content

    This latest Guru library is another winner – at it’s heart is a well sampled Crumar Orchestrator, with all the nostalgia that implies, but the sound design of the patches takes it off in several amazing directions, giving incredible sounds that could be useful in a wide range of contexts. Much more than just a string machine! Really well-crafted patches, many based on sounds in famous tracks, and many more from the imagination of one of the best sound designers in the field. A must have extension to Unify.

  • Orchestrator (CRUMAR)

    Not a great fan of Crumar sound , but the patches added by John are worth the price. Having fun playing with the drum,bpm,pad……thank you John.

  • Inspiring

    I like the BPM Splits, there are a lot of great patches with great layering of instruments. The BPM pads have a lot of colorful patches (Osmosis Evolved,Mc Shorty, Slow Car and String Theory) with not only the Crumar sounds but other instruments. My patch pallet now has many more colors in it!
    I like the BPM Splits and I wish there were some more of them. Skippy is so great at putting BPM Splits together which makes Unify so much fun to play. Slow car for example: 1. Add drums with joy stick 2. which doesn’t affect the right hand the drums don’t go away 3. You can use the mod wheel for the bass change pitch. 4. There is a delay on Dexed Plucked Bank where jitterbox randomly sprinkles layered on top of the strings.

  • Another winner from John

    Although not having seen the walkthrough I decided to buy because John just does not disappoint with his patches. These are superb, I never knew much about the Crumar but on playing the patches you instantly recognise the sound and the tracks from the 70’s and 80’s. Highly recommend.

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