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MegaMagic Pads V1 for Unify

41 Unique, beautiful Pad sample sets presented with 135 incredible, inspiring Patches that will give you a MASSIVE arsenal of Pads and Synth patches to fill up your compositions! This is THE BEST EVER VERSION OF THIS LIBRARY BY FAR! Thanks to the unique layout of Unify, this version has some super special abilities not found in any other version of MM Pads – using the magic of Probability, a number of the 57 BONUS Patches have random melody creation abilities that are truly magical!! Watch the walkthru video to see this in action and how spinning a knob in Unify lets you shape what Unify “composes”. I’ve know about this ability and held it in my back pocket since TriggerBox was developed specifically to be used in this library!

Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walkthru video (and other support videos) and you will be impressed with what YOU can do after adding this amazing library to your arsenal!

Detail to come!

135 Patches featuring 35 different synth pad sample maps (28 have 6 samples, 7 bonus 2022 pads have 21 samples each).

Requires Unify 1.8 or later.

Download size: 1.3 GB / 1.5 GB fully installed

File Delivery: Digital Download


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  • Love these pads!

    I’m a pad guy and I have so many favorite patches in this library. Thanks, John! Your patch design for pads is sublime!

  • Pure inspiration & a treat to the ears

    These pads are pure inspiration and I immediately used 2 of the presets in a drone soundtrack I was composing. I don’t own Omnisphere, so to have access to this high quality library, with the Unify ability to vary each patch significantly with the knobs and ease of layering , is a sonic and creative pleasure! Many thanks to John & the team once again.

  • MM Pads

    I have virtually all of Johns Unify compatible patches and this is by far the best. When you start to layer the different patches and with the macro functionality things come alive… my family are wondering whats happened to me as I am not sure I have seen them for a week…!! GReat set of sounds and a must if you have unify.

  • Killer Pads

    With Del Norte and MM Pads for Omnisphere this is another masterpiece. John did he’s best on this library,3 pages macro made each patch sick!!! Everyone must have this library,

  • Here I do it again

    Ai John. You (with the help from Shane, enabled through Unify) are leaving me and many other PlugInGuru supporters with some very tough choices. Having already purchased the O2 MM Pads library from you, I am yet still astonished with the revived magic and sound quality you bring in the Unify version thereof. I am in awe and could not help myself from clicking the ‘purchase’ button. Blown away! Absolutely love the way these pads sound in Unify. Love it, love it, love it!

  • A Dream of Bliss

    Unify does its thing again, this time with a collection of blissful, or energetic, idea starters.

    MM Pads is a pure possibility space – no limits; pull up the anchor and sail away, the journey will take you where it will.

    Thanks for another great value addition to the collection!

  • Love love love the probability knob!

    Great job, John. I love Unify and I love bpm pads in this library. The probability knob helps keep the pads interesting. A delight to play!

  • Wow!

    Best Library to date. John
    outdid himself this time! Beautiful mesmerizing pads that put you in another world.

  • MMpads for unify

    Bought it yesterday, great pads, everything his playable, no weird stuff, the bonus patches are awesome. Good work John. With Cloud city one of your best work. The bonus pads reminds me of the patches on the M3 and Kronos that you could play with the hardware pads, very inspiring. Hope you understand my basic English.

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