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Kid Anthem V1 for O2 | Unify

A VERY diverse set of 300 patches created by Allen Polley (Kid Anthem) and produced by John Lehmkuhl.  Boatloads of sonic inspiration and this library also showcases how flexible, deep and powerful Omnisphere 2 is…

A Unified library with all the patches saved in Unify Format also included!

Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walkthru video and you will definitely want to add this to your sonic toolkit!

GENRES:  Creative electronic music without targeting a specific genre. Everything is inspiring!

About the Programmer: “Kid Anthem” is an everyday person that loves to make synthesizer sounds in his off-hours when he’s not working a regular job.  Around May/June of 2015, an amateur synth programmer/musician named Allen Polley contacted me via Facebook to let me know he had created a bunch of patches that he wanted to give away for free.  He told me that 90% of what he has learned is from the (now 100) free video tutorials I post on YouTube (search “thepluginguru”)!  Allen created these patches from scratch and after playing a bunch of them, I said to myself “Hey, these are pretty good!”.  So good that I suggested to him:  “Dude!! Don’t release these for free!! You can make a little money with these if you‘re interested.” To which Allen replied, “I’d Really like that!”  See, it turns out that Allen isn’t a professional musician.  He’s not a full-time sound designer.  There are no albums out with his name included in the credits….. Right now his job is to clean tour busses in Mississippi during the day – but at night he comes home, he sits at his computer and loves to get lost programming sounds in Omnisphere.  Some people like to watch Netflix in their spare time, well, Allen likes to make sounds.

Controller Notes:

Modulation Wheel – Every single patch has all sorts of exciting sound changes on the Modulation wheel.  Play with the Mod Wheel on each patch to find out what it does!


300 Patches Total:

25 Bass
14 Bell
51 BPM (Bass, FX, Lead, Synth & Vox)
20 Drum
39 FX
13 Guitar
19 Keyboard
21 Lead
21 Pad
10 String
24 Synth
27 Textures
8 Voice
8 Voice Phrases

Also includes Bonus Presets for the Envelope Generator / Arpeggiator & Rack Effects.

Requires Omnisphere 2.1 or later

NOT compatible with Omnisphere V1

Download size: 3.6MB

File Delivery: Digital Download



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  • The kid Rocks

    All the sounds are rich and full. You need full Unusual sounds to go into any song. I lo e the story and the sounds from “kid Anthem” I always say THIS KID ROCKS!!! good job.

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