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6 Lessons for Unify V1

6 lessons for Unify V1 is 6 separate HD videos created by John Lehmkuhl showing you step by step how to do many of the most important and powerful/unique abilities in Unify. Combined these videos are close to 2 hours of information that will elevate your relationship with Unify so you can further incorporate using Unify in your daily musical adventures.

Along with the videos is a .guru file containing the 6 Patches created in the process of watching and repeating the steps in these videos.

There is also a 12 Page PDF document I wrote out detailing the steps in the tutorials and adding additional insight to help you understand the parameters and what they can do. This document is also online so you can read every step we take in these videos – while helpful by itself, the real eye opening happens when watching someone do the steps and explain why they are doing them.

You can view the document HERE.

6 Video Titles:
Lesson 1 Splits and Layers in Unify – 12:07
Lesson 2 Adding PlugIns & Libraries – 16:01
Lesson 3 Macro Knobs and CC Rider – 37:29
Lesson 4 PolyBox Monophonic to Polyphonic – 09:26
Lesson 5 PolyBox Rhythm Fun – 20:31
Lesson 6 Arps & TriggerBox – 17:38

We start in Lesson 1 with Unify just installed with the Standard Library – no other plug-ins or libraries are loaded. In lesson 1 we learn about getting around Unify, loading a Patch and then growing that Patch to where it has a Bass in the Left Hand, an added Electric Piano in the Right Hand along with Percussion and drums. We also learn how to set up Macro Knobs to turn on/off elements so that we can perform in realtime from just a Bass/EP split to having added BPM Pad, Shaker and Drums. We save the patch at the end to a new library so you can see how to save Patches and make new Libraries.

Lessons 2 – 6 follow with tons of insight on how to do anything from Loading Plug-Ins you have on your computer, but Unify doesn’t know about them to adding 2 Free Plug-ins (LABS by Spitfire Audio in Lesson 2 and Blamsoft’s VK-1 Monophonic MiniMoog) to getting deeper into the MIDI Effects that are included with Unify.

I have created a Topic at our Forums for discussion and or for sharing ideas of what I could include in a future V2 series of Video Tutorials. My goal is for YOU to be as fluid in Unify as I am so that you can do anything you dream up, because if you can dream it, Unify can do it!


6 Videos created by John Lehmkuhl on getting deeper into Unify from Day 1.

1 12-page pdf document of personal notes/commentary by John Lehmkuhl while watching the videos to add more insight to what is happening in the videos.

1 .guru file with 6 Unify Patches and MIDI Files that were created during the creation of these videos.

Download size: 3.66GB in 2 separate files

Unify .guru file created with Unify 1.11.2 (1.11.3 for Mac users)

Video are 1920 x 1080 HD mp4 files


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  • Learn with practice

    I just got through the first Lesson. These video lessons are exactly what I needed. I’m learning to use a new DAW and some of my instruments. Since Unify is something I plan on using a lot I decided to purchase these video lessons. Some of the lesson tips I’ve seen in the live streams but ask me to find the ones I forgot–I’d have a hard time finding them again. With these lessons, I can zero in on learning just what I need to learn (or eaily find what I can’t remeber how to do).
    I really like “learning by repetition”. If you see and do the thing three times, you’ll likely remember how it is done. The first lesson provided me with exactly this. I have so many sound libraries now, I felt that investing in these lessons was money better spent than purchasing more synths or preset libraries. I’m looking forward to doing the next lessons.

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