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Universal Cafe for Blue II

96 versatile and inspiring patches for Blue II – an awesome synthesizer by Rob Papen. If you don’t have Blue II, you can get it on sale HERE for just a little over 100.00 – totally worth it to have a powerful hybrid FM synthesizer. The majority of these patches were created by Kid Anthem (Allen Polley) over the last 12 months. He LOVES Blue II and was going to sell this on his own, but they were SO GOOD and unique and SO DIFFERENT from the factory patches that I wanted to release the library here! I came in for the last month, helped apply more polish and contributed 32 patches to the library. I’m thrilled to welcome our first library for a Rob Papen synthesizer. Hopefully this isn’t the last one we support!

Check out the individual patch audio demos, the full music production demos and the video support we’ve provided to help you get deeper into Blue II. This is a synth that will find its’ way to some of your sets of tools for music production. You’re welcome! Enjoy!!

GENRES:  Huge variety of Genres from Chill to hard techno to Film to EDM to Pop and everything in-between.

About the Programmers:  Allen “Kid Anthem” Polley is a very talented amature synth programmer that now has 3 libraries for sale here on the site. He’s told us for a long time of his love for Blue II and has been working on these patches for over 12 months. he finally got them to the point of sharing them and we thought it would be awesome to release them here after adding a little more polish to them. John “SkiPpY” Lehmkuhl is the owner of PlugInGuru and applied the polish to Allen’s patches and created 28 patches for the library.

Library Specifics:  Blue II comes with a lot of patches. They are very useful but we feel our presets have some added depth and unique qualities that make this library a GREAT addition to make Blue II even more versitile and powerful for your music productions!

Modulation Wheel:  Every patch has the wheel doing something musical and in many cases DRAMATIC to the patches. We like to think you’re getting 2 patches with every patch!

96 Patches for Rob Papen’s Blue II:

11 Bass Patches

12 BPM Bass Patches

19 BPM Patches covering Chord, Drum, Lead, Pad, Seq, Synth and Wind

3 Chord Patches

4 Drone Patches

2 Kick Drum Patches

3 FX Patches

6 KEY Patches

7 LEAD Patches

10 PAD Patches

9 SYNTH Patches

8 SYNTH Patches

1 VOX Patch


Requires Rob Papen Blue II version 1.0.2a or later

Download size: 1.4 MB

File Delivery: Digital Download

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