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Unify (Standard Edition)

Please don’t buy Unify from this page between December 15th and January 10th – We have a promotion where get CloudCity V1 for FREE when you buy UNIFY  ONLY IF YOU PURCHASE UNIFY FROM THIS PAGE.


Unify v1.2 is NOW Available!

This is a FREE MAJOR UPDATE to all existing customers! Unify 1.2 includes 32 new patches that show off the incredible Vocoder, Wavesequence and Guitar Amp simulations we can now do with Unify! Many other updates as well to make using Unify even more fun!

While we should sell Unify for more FAR more than we are asking, we won’t!! Instead, Unify is ALWAYS ON SALE at $79!!

Please scroll down the page to see the list of all the libraries available for Unify – NEWEST ADDITIONS: Waverazor Unified, Bass Box for Trilian/Omnisphere 2, ESC Personal Flavours and the PowerPack for Repro 1|Repro 5!

Unify 1.2 is a TOTALLY UNIQUE Plug-In that combines over 50 plug-ins when installed, producing over 500 John Lehmkuhl designed patches with a powerful HOST plug-in that can load all of your Instruments, Audio Effects and MIDI Effects in a  flexible and fun environment! It also comes with 505 patches and over 3.5GB of samples from John’s 12 PlugInGuru sample-based libraries that were originally designed for Omnisphere 2.

Version 1.1 brings 2 new MIDI Effects to the family: MIDIBox and JitterBox. 4 new reverb audio effects are also added in this free update along with interface enhancements and a bunch of new capabilities! Seamless Play is one of the coolest things – you can now right+click on any patch and load it INTO your existing patch and it will do this with no audio glitch! You don’t really need playlists or a Live button when you can seamlessly load ANY Patch using ANY PlugIn at ANYTIME into Unify 1.1. It’s a complete game changer!

Unify Installs its own VST folder with a special set of 50+ PlugIn instruments, effects and MIDI effects so that you don’t even need to scan your plug-ins and all 505 patches work! THEN add your plug-ins and they become SUPERPOWERED – every plug-in synth you own now has a Multi-Mode! Want to layer 4 different Serum patches, easy! Each one is on it’s own CPU Thread, so it’s efficient as well.

Unify is ALWAYS priced at $79. We will never raise the price. We will NEVER lower the price. This way you don’t have to wait for a sale before buying and enjoying! This is THE PRICE and it will never change. That is our promise to never cheapen our plug-ins to our customers. Sound libraries we will discount from time to time, but plug-ins are 1 price and they never go below or over that price. That is our commitment to you.

Try the FREE DEMO VERSION of Unify before buying if you wish. Everything works (saving is disabled, it can’t load libraries, just play select patches from our factory content and stops making sound after 15 min of use.)

Online manual if you wish to read details about all things Unify

Unify Change Log with details on what was updated – 

Short Summary of WHAT’S NEW with 1.2:

32 NEW PATCHES that show the cool possibilities with the vocoder in ComboBox, The INSANE fun you can have with Rhythmic Wavesequencing thanks to some updates to PolyBox and MidiBox and even distortion guitar patches using the bundled Swanky Amp audio effect! All patches are programmed by John Lehmkuhl.

Combo Box – new Effect that can be placed in MIDI Effect, Instrument or Audio effect slots that lets you combine ANY of your plug-ins and drag/drop lines to connect MIDI and Audio routing. Super Easy to create vocoders, multi-layer patches, Complex MIDIBox configurations (each note playing a different MIDi file, for example) and more.

MIDIBox now has Polyphonic Transpose! This means you play a single note, cool rhythm in your DAW, save it as a MIDI file, MIDIBox will let you play it with as many notes as you hold down on your keyboard!

PolyBox now has polyphonic playback per note event AND the cycle reset happens with note off events, so we can do Wavesequencing! Because John Lehmkuhl was a member of the voicing team for both the original Korg Wavestation and the recently released Korg Wavestate, this is a very exciting development!! This is just the beginning – more in this direction to come but already groundbreaking because every event can be ANY instrument plug-in you own (AND can have as many audio effects included) and for a first, the timing of the Wavesequence can be created by YOU. Play a unique rhythm, save it as a MIDI File, load it into MIDIBox and now your wavesequence advances by the timing of the MIDI File. Very exciting to bring this in a free update to all Unify owners!

Audio File Player – a new Instrument effect that can play audio files and loop them if desired. Audio files are streamed from HD and can be any length.

Sample Delay – a new Audio effect that can delay Left or Right channel in absolute sample length up to 10,000 samples or 250ms. Bundled plug-in now included:

Resonant DSP’s Swanky Amp dynamic tube amplification effect. We are thrilled to include a new form of amp simulation/distortion with this audio effect. They will soon release a Pro version of Swanky Amp so check their website if you want more information!

There are now 32 real-time Macro Knobs instead of 8 and we’ve added some very helpful copy/paste/swap abilities (to the target parameter list as well!)

And More!!

Customers that bought Unify from websites other than is our AWESOME distributor for the version of Unify you can purchase from shops other than -they have a page where you can enter your email address to get new download links:

NOTE: There is no AAX (ProTools) version of Unify YET (but we’re working on it)

Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch and interface walk thru videos (as well as other support videos) and you will be inspired with what YOU can create after adding this amazing plug-in instrument to your toolkit!

Unify 1.2 Interface with MIDIBox and ComboBox

Say hello to a NEW WAY of working with Plug-ins of all types! Unify can work with MIDI Effects, Instruments and Audio Effects in super creative fun ways. The Image above shows 2 MIDI Effects (in Yellow – also note that each MIDI Effect is actually running 2 MIDI Effects and could easily run more if you want to experiment), 3 Layers (in Green and each Instrument Layer also has a audio effect “channel strip” that can be loaded with an unlimited number of audio effects – drag and drop to change the order of the effects), 1 Aux Buss (in Blue) and the Master Channel (in a nice Royal Magenta color).

Unify Comes in VST (technically known as VST2), VST3 and Standalone for PC and Mac (Mac version also includes an Audio Unit version of Unify).

One of the cool things with Unify is that any format of plug-in can load other formats of plug-ins – meaning the Audio Unit version can easily load VST3 and VST plug-ins while you’re using it in Logic Pro X (which doesn’t know what to do with VST or VST3 plug-ins).

We talked to a number of small (like us) developers who have made some rather amazing free plug-ins in the last 20 years and received their blessing to include their plug-ins and audio effects – along with our own Guru Sample Player and 14 Effects we built ourselves so that Unify ships with 400 ready-to-play patches when you install it. BEFORE you even start loading your own plug-ins! That puts Unify in a totally different class than any other multi-plugiin: we include 6 Instrument and 40 effect plug-ins that John “Skippy” Lehmkuhl used to make the 400 patches that come with Unify. From simple to complex and everything in-between PLUS Laurent “AIRWAVE” Veronnez was able to add 30 additional Patches that push the limit on what Unify can do even farther than Skippy did. It’s breathtaking what has been created here. I spent 1+ year making this with Shane Dunne (the programmer of all the code in Unify) and I am still in awe at what we have created.

In closing, THANK YOU to each of you jumping on-board this Instrument/Plug-in. We have big plans for Unify. This is the ground floor and we’re thrilled you’re interested in joining us for this adventure!

New Libraries for Unify:

Libraries that require ONLY Unify to work:

CloudCity V1

Skippy’s BigBad Beats

UniScream 2020

UNIFIED Libraries – a Unified Library is where we save out each factory patch from a specific Plug-In in Unify format. This way you can easily combine any of the patches from ANY libraries you have to make new sounds. Instead of opening up a plug-in Interface to load patches, they are all there in Unify format. Right+Click to add ANY Patch into your existing patch to create a more complex sound – once you’ve start doing this – it becomes something you’ll do all of the time and wonder why no other plug-ins work this easily!

In order to use these Unified Patches, you need to own the specific Plug-In, Unify and have the VST2 (also known as VST) version of this plug-in added to Unify’s “Known PlugIn” list so the patches will load without error.

Maser LIst of Unified Libraries

Download the Unified Library for Rhizomatic’s Plasmonic

Download the Unified Library for Arturia’s Pigments

Download the Unified Library for MOK’s WAVERAZOR

Download the UNIFIED Library for BrainWorx Knifonium

Download the Unified Library for Synapse Audio’s Obsession

Download the Unified Library for Pendulate from New Fangled Audio/Eventide

Download the Unified Library for Cherry Audio’s DC-106

Download the Unified Library for Cherry Audio CA2600

Download the Unified Library for Hex Drum by Oblivion Sound Lab (updated 11/15/20)

PlugInGuru Libraries that come with Unify Patches:

Massive Power Pack V1: One of the earliest libraries I created was for Massive and it is still a BARN BURNER 10 years later! If you own the Native Instruments Komplete package (whatever version over the last 8 years) it has included Massive and Massive NEEEDS these patches! They provide a solid foundation of basses, pads, rhythmic patches and more to get Massive deeper involved in your productions!

TetraSonics by Tim Dale – brand new library released in July 2020. 256 Patches plus 10 of the 64 Multis plus 27 new Patches by Tim Dale and John Lehmkuhl that combine Unify and TetraSonic’s together for incredible bonus patches.

OmniVerse I: The Beginning – The first patch library for Omnisphere I ever created. Still one of the very best, imo!

OmniVerse II: The Dark Hope – The Ominous 2nd chapter of this Trilogy about the planet OmniVerse.

OmniVerse III: Aurora – the surprising magical Aurora light that saves the planet. The most cinematic of the 3 and includes bonus comic book and demo song by Amin Bhatia.

OmniChill – Huge Basses, plucky synths, cool BPM patches galore.

OmniPulse V1 – Nothing but Rhythmic Patches that are all tempo sync’able to your DAW! Something for EVERY Genre in these inspiring patches for Omnisphere 2 and as magical layering elements to quickly stack in Unify!

OmniPulse V2 PERPEKTIV – I made rhythmic Multis FIRST and then saved out the Patches for a super special 100% rhythmic library for Omnisphere 2 and works incredibly in Unify.

OmniPulse V3 CineFire – Rhythmic Patches focusing on Cinematic pulses, STRING Orchestra-ish patches (as close as I could get with the limited string samples in Omnisphere 2 as well as a TON of the phrases, tempo sync’d by using the Granular sample effect. A very cool and useful library!

MegaMagic PADS – My best seller by far now with Unify Patches. 28 Unique Pads that have 6 samples across the keyboard in both Pad (slow attack) and Synth (fast attack) sample maps. Again – you MUST OWN Omnisphere 2, the VST (VST2) version MUST be known to Unify and this library MUST be installed IN Omnisphere 2 for these patches to work.

ESC Personal Flavours for Omnisphere – 256 Patches, 50 Multis and 45 NEW samples are in this super diverse library for Omnisphere 2.5! Created by 15 world-class programmers (some of them sell patch libraries on their own websites), this is a special library because the programmers made sounds that match their personal passions in sound design and patch making.

Percussa V1 for Omnisphere 2| Unify – Mind Blowing Cinematic Percussion created with unique NEW samples and synthesis in Omnisphere – over 800 Patches/Multis that will give your productions a totally different flavor because of how the sounds are created. The Unify version is 

Bass Box for Trilian or Omnisphere – With 161 Patches and 110 effect “Rack” presets, there is some serious BANG for the BUCK in this library in the Bass department!

Repro 1 | Repro 5 Power Pack – 128 Patches of Yummy Analog Inspiration – 64 patches for Repro-1 (monophonic with an awesome step sequencer) and 64 patches for Repro-5 (8 voice polyphonic with MASSIVE Unison capabilities) in a single Power Pack.


We’re working on an incredible library for Spitfire Audio’s BBC Discover Symphony Orchestra. This is a $50 plug-in that comes with 33 instruments (5 string sections, 5 brass, 5 woodwinds plus celeste, harp, glockenspiel, untuned orchestra percussion, timpani and more!). With the Spitfire Audio plug-in you can load 1 section per track…. however, with Unify we can load every section if we wanted into a single huge Patch! These 6 Bonus Patches show just the tip of the iceberg of what we’re working on for this library. With MIDIBox playing MIDI Files we’re going to present sounds you can interact with that will have your head spinning!

DOWNLOAD the BBC DiscoverStation BONUS 6 Patches

NOTE: You must own the BBC Discover Symphony Orchestra and have the VST (VST2) plug-in known to Unify.







Plug-In is available for PC and Mac OS X 10.9 thru 10.15 Catalina

505 Patches by John Lehmkuhl and Laurent AIRWAVE Veronnéz with Samples by Laurent Veronnez and Nato Feelz.

3.2 GB of samples from 12 PlugInGuru Libraries






Requires Windows or Mac OS X 10.9 and later INCLUDING Catalina (32-Bit Plug-ins can be access with 3rd party applications (JBridge on the PC and 32 Lives on the Mac.)

Download size: 2.5GB for the Unify Standard file / 48MB for the PC or Mac installer

File Delivery: Digital Download






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  • Wow

    seamlessly open vst plugins in logic. what a game changer.

    1 of 2 people found this review helpful.

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  • New to this

    I’m moving to a new place and that means rebuilding my studio again. No time to dig in deep but I bought it right away.

    This is a great tool, needs the right support. If you keep that in mind, old farts such as myself will be able to do some interesting stuff with it. It’s so great I don’t even know what it looks like yet. So, what are you gonna do next?

    1 of 2 people found this review helpful.

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  • Patches then Possibilities.

    I’ve been using Unify since its first release. It was the patches that hooked me at first. Then you get your head around the processes, and then you begin to see the possibilities Unify provides and you begin to realise just how deep the rabbit hole goes. Great support from John along the way too, with excellent live streams and direct tech support when I needed it. It really feels like there is a growing Unify community and I’m so looking forward to seeing how other users creatively employ Unify in the future.

    1 of 2 people found this review helpful.

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  • Fantastic game changer

    Great way to combine different plugins directly and together.
    Also in Logic Pro X or Mainstage different plugins in a patch!
    Great, thanks to John en Shane.

    1 of 2 people found this review helpful.

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  • Mind-blowing

    To say that Unify is a cool plugin would be a gross understatement. I own over 800 plugins, so I have a pretty good frame of reference. And I can say without reservation that Unify is the most amazing music making tool ever created! And it will undoubtedly never be replicated. John and his colleagues who put this together are absolutely brilliant. I couldn’t even begin to describe all the useful features and do it any justice in a reasonable length review. You just have to get on the PlugInGuru website and check out some of John’s tutorial videos. Admittedly, the sheer volume of helpful instructional videos is a bit daunting, but once I understood how incredibly powerful and useful this plugin is, I knew I had to have it and that it would be worth investing whatever time it takes to learn it. It’s actually very intuitive and exquisitely designed. It’s just that John is extremely generous about taking the time to ensure that all of his customers are well educated. To cite just one property of Unify that I never thought I’d encounter: I have an older OS that struggles to run Logic with multiple instances of high CPU-consuming instruments, like Serum or Omnisphere. And I used to have to bounce MIDI files to audio and remove the instrument from a project to add another instrument. But with Unify, I can now run multiple instances of any of my 800+ instruments and plugins (within Unify) without crashing the project. The presets load almost instantly. This is some truly ground-breaking technology! That alone would have sold me on Unify. BUT THERE IS SO MUCH MORE!!! It far surpasses anything your mind can imagine about making a giant leap in music-making technology. You have to see it to believe it.

    1 of 2 people found this review helpful.

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  • Only a musician could invent this. It is the missing tool that resolves incompatibility. Sure Omnisphere has multi instrument, Kontakt too, but only within their own libraries and yes you can layer in a daw, BUT not like this and so easily. I described it to my wife as its like looking at a long buffet table and all you have to is grab a plate. To install this is ease, for it to see your entire library of instruments is so quick and easy that within minutes you are in awe of beholding a new level of power, ease and creativity. Not only that but it is so very well thought out with touches like the instant favorites. It's easy to use, intuitive without needing a diploma. I love it, its already transformed how i work. The cream is comes with great sounds as usual – add the new Cloud City and youre in plugin guru heaven. I suspect this is just the beginning of where Unify will take us!

    1 of 2 people found this review helpful.

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  • Speechless!!!

    I really can’t believe what is here in this PlugIn It’s so complete 🙂
    There is such a variety of sounds and grooves and setups, I’ve not experienced anything quite like it. Everything I try to put into words just sounds dumb, like ‘there is love in this plugin’, dumb right…

    The install was simple and Unify worked stand alone without having to change anything, it also shows up as a vst3 instrument in Studio One and after scanning for vst’s and vst3’s I can load any of my existing instruments into Unify.

    Some of the Split Keyboard patches could be complete songs in themselves and they cover so many genres of music…
    Next level stuff. I’m really excited about getting more familiar with it and seeing how it can fit my creative workflow. Early days but I am very impressed!

    1 of 2 people found this review helpful.

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  • Unify 1.7

    Needless to say, JL has changed my life. All his patch collections were great and inspirational. But Unify is a crowning achievement. Don’t even think about it. Just buy it. Great investment!

    1 of 2 people found this review helpful.

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  • Unify

    Amazements, I purchased Unify a couple of days ago trying it for the first time.

    It’s a game changer, opening up a whole lot of awe inspiring creativity. Go on try it…

    Have fun!! 🙂

    from Stella Ronson

    1 of 2 people found this review helpful.

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  • Absolutely Mind-Blowing !

    Unify renewed my enthusiasm for making music!
    I am fascinated by the myriad possibilities that this Plugin offers!
    Best purchase ever!
    Thank you for offering at an affordable price!

    All The Best 🙂

    1 of 2 people found this review helpful.

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  • A Must Buy for Windcontroller Players

    The ability to map Breath CC02 to any plugin parameter even if the synth doesn’t accept Breath is priceless. The ability to play all your monophonic emulation plugins with polyphony is a game-changer. The ability to use your finely-tweaked layers, that took hours to create, in any DAW and on a Mac or PC, makes Unify a Must Buy. 🙂

    1 of 2 people found this review helpful.

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  • Really, Really a no brainer

    Price/Quality unbeatable. Sounds combinations and creativity in general, just amazing. Such a good work.
    Just buy it, really a no brainer.

    1 of 2 people found this review helpful.

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  • Unbelievable, unique, united, unify

    Many possibilities, sound quality. BPM split patches are true pieces of art, its sounds like a complete song. I just wondering what Unify can do in the future when it will be pro edition.

    1 of 2 people found this review helpful.

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  • Unity with NEW Pigments Unified working GREAT!

    Hi Plugin Guru Community,

    Unity finally caught my attention after purchasing Arturia’s Pigments 2 VST. I ran across the Unity/Pigments Unified promo video luckily as I had downloaded Pigments 2 on sale, and then tested it and thought, this plug in is great but not multitimbral meaning I have to load new instances of the Pigments plug in to have another patch in my midi set up on my computer. THEN, I just happen the next day to see Plugin Guru’s Unified Pigments titled video. I was like what’s Unified Pigments mean and is this some new ink product or is this the same Pigments plug in I just bought? I was glad to find out that Unified Pigments was what I was imagining needing the day before testing Pigments. I downloaded and installed Unity after testing the Unity Demo. The demo worked and was enough to confirm it was a good purchase and would work on my system. (I should note that Pigments patches will not load into the Unity demo, that’s a bummer, but I figured Pigments would work as advertised!). And it does work! And exactly as I would have imagined even with more work flow features that I had imagined in my mirage of Pigments wish list dream features the day before. Unity does it. Super slick Skippy. HIghly recommend this Unity purchase and Unified Pigments download as an add on functionally to Arturia Pigments 2. With these 2 apps you are getting an under $200 dollar “in the box” more powerful functioning (because of the multiple parts and polyphony benefit of Unity and Pigments together) version of say Waldorf Iridium’s hardware desktop synth which is limited to 16 voices and 2 parts for about $2,500!

    1 of 2 people found this review helpful.

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  • One of the most creative and versatile plugins

    Unify is one of the most creative and versatile plugins I have ever seen. It allows an extensive amount of creativity and stacking of plugins on the fly. Very useful for live jam-style one-man-band performances. I love the fact that it allows me to host AU and VST3 plugins, as the DAW I use (Reason) does not yet support these formats. With Unify, I can run all three main formats (AU, VST2 and VST3) together in the same session. Brilliant!

    1 of 2 people found this review helpful.

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