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Repro Power Pack (Repro 1/5 | Unify)

128 Patches of Yummy Analog Inspiration – 64 patches for Repro-1 (monophonic with an awesome step sequencer) and 64 patches for Repro-5 (8 voice polyphonic with MASSIVE Unison capabilities) in a single Power Pack.  This adds SO MUCH inspiration that it’s almost not fair!   You’ll find a ton of basic but totally useful patches that were missing from the factory voicing plus another TON of New Cutting Edge patches for everything from EDM to Filmscores, Retro Disco to hard-hitting TB3030 acid lines.  Your investment in Repro will only go up by adding these patches to the plug-in!  100% money back guarantee on this and every PlugInGuru library.

All of the patches in this library are also available now in Unify format! Magical layering and stacking of these patches in Unify is super easy and fun!

Check out the fun demos – watch the patch walkthru video below. You’ll be sold rather quickly with both Repro and this library!

Here is a fun library aimed at many genres – but with one goal – incredible flexibility and inspiration dripping from every patch – wait, that’s 2 goals. Well you get the idea. Watch the demo below (fast forward a bit if you wish – it was a Saturday Livestream event) and you’ll quickly hear how useful, flexible and inspiring these patches are! Wait , now I’m up to 3 goals! 

128 Patches

64 for Repro-1

BASS – Dark Decay
BASS – Dark n Sharp
BASS – Deep OctaChill
BASS – Deep Tri Decay
BASS – Deep Tri Sustain
BASS – Rockstar
BASS – Solid Tekno Hammer
BASS – Square Blockhead
BASS – Stars
BASS – Sync in Trouble
BASS – U Dirty Rat
BASS – Whombat
BPM BASS – Disco Cowboy
BPM BASS – Jekyll n Hyde Hit the Club
BPM BASS – Mushroom Trancer
BPM BASS – Opportunity
BPM BASS – Self Aware
BPM BASS – Sinister Thoughts
BPM BASS – Squaaare Block Party
BPM BASS – TB Acid LFO Square
BPM BASS – Techno Marching HalfTIme
BPM BASS – Techno Marching Orders
BPM BASS – Triplets at the Dive Bar
BPM BASS – U Dirty Rat
BPM LEAD – Ice Cream
BPM LEAD – Sleeping Icebergs
BPM SONG – Approaching Armada
BPM SONG – Idea 1 Guitar Love
BPM SONG – Idea 2 Super Hero
BPM SONG – Idea 3 Metal Tears
BPM SONG – Saving Spirits BRIGHT
BPM SONG – Saving Spirits Plucky
BPM SONG – Saving Spirits Windy
BPM SYNTH – Classical Trianglez
BPM SYNTH – Memory Ripples
BPM SYNTH – Nighty Nite
BPM SYNTH – Saving Spirits
BPM SYNTH – Switched On
BPM SYNTH – Trance in 5
BPM SYNTH – World Builder
FX – Noisy Swell In
LEAD – Acoustik Guitar Wannabe
LEAD – Canadian Oranges
LEAD – Canadian Tangerines
LEAD – Fly Like an Eagle
LEAD – Ice Cream Sync MW
LEAD – Magical Soft Trumpet
LEAD – Mellow Warm Yummy
LEAD – Pointed Persuasion
LEAD – Sending out Sines
LEAD – Smooth n Brassy
LEAD – Sweet Somethings
LEAD – Sweet Square
LEAD – Sweet Triangle
LEAD – Trumpeteer
LEAD – Zingy Happy
LEAD -Soft Detuned Dual Saw
LEAD -Soft Detuned Dual Square
LEAD -Soft Detuned PWM

64 for Repro-5

BASS – Angry Wolves
BASS – B4 the Storm BOLD
BASS – B4 the Storm Daunting
BASS – Bong Pong
BASS – Dark and Kinda Fuzzy
BASS – Dramatic Klick Sub
BASS – Fog Raising Drone
BASS – Garage Truck
BASS – Monster Funker
BASS – PingPong Uni Klubber
BASS – Retro UniPulse
BASS – WIDE 3OSC Big n Brite
BPM PAD – The Runners Epilogue
BPM Synth – Lucky Felix
BRASS – Bright Trumpet
BRASS – Bright Trumpets
BRASS – French Horn Ensemble
BRASS – French Horn
CHORD – Future Chord Maj9
CHORD – Lucky Days in Minor Chords
CHORD – Monolithic Major
FX – Martian Winds
FX – Noise Bomb Pure
FX – Noise Bomb Reso
FX – Noise Crash to 16th Hats
KEY – ClaviFunk Sustained
KEY – Mid Nasal Clav
KEY – Rock Organish Fast
KEY – Rock Organish Slow
KEY – Rock Organish Speed on MW
KEY – Rocky Organish
KEY – Soft Electric
KEY – Velocity Happy Clavi
KEY -Nasal Clav 2
LEAD – French Horns a Horning
LEAD – MegaUnison SAW Dream
PAD – Astro Wave Dreamer
PAD – Dark n Warm n Mellow
PAD – Dark Triangle
PAD – Dark Triangles
PAD – Descension
PAD – Grandstand
PAD – Ocean Sines High
PAD – Ocean Sines Low
PAD – PWM Stringz Fast
PAD – PWM Stringz Marcattoish
PAD – PWM Stringz Slow
PAD – PWM Stringz Spicattoish
PAD – Rebel With a Cause
PAD -Purrrring Pad
PLUCK – EDM Snappy
PLUCK – Enyacatto
PLUCK – Gameboy
PLUCK – Highway to your Harp
PLUCK – Muted Harpolina
PLUCK – Steeldrummish
PLUCK – The Steel
SYNTH – In the Air 2Night
SYNTH – Pinger Falling
SYNTH – Pinger Raising
SYNTH – Sineplicity
SYNTH – Snappy Purity
SYNTH – Synchro Comp


Requires’s Repro which includes both the Repro-1 and Repro-5 synthesizers.

Download size: 15MB

File Delivery: Digital Download


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  • Harness Repro's Power

    Repro is such an amazing-sounding synth. It begs for exploration and this Power Pack exploits Repro’s sound engine so that you’re presented with professional patches that are ready to be used or tweaked to your liking. Pure quality… pure nostalgia and PluginGuru’s high standards make this an excellent choice!!

  • Repro Power

    Bought this a while ago and it has become my go to Presets for Repro. Both when i create new sound and to find inspiration for songs etc. Really awesome patches that shows how amazing Repro is. I got a feel that the intension with this was to fill out the blanks thats may have been missed for some, presets wise. Anyhow if your into Retro sound this is a must buy..

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