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Razor Triple Play Bundle

Here is a fast way to give Reaktor 6/Razor a infusion of fresh new sounds: 265 Patches for Razor that are designed for modern musical productions and film scores. From Thundering normal basses to insane WOBBLE basses, from Bells to pads so lush you wish you could sleep on them – these 3 libraries have a TON to offer!

Evil Razor was released on October 11, 2011. Rotten Razor was released on Valentines Day – February 14, 2014 and finally Razor Chill was released on October 11, 2017. 6 YEARS of my life happened from the first to the 3rd library! I’m very relieved to say the sounds from my first library are as fresh and exciting to play today as they were 6 years ago (for me at least.)

I hope you enjoy these patches. Please be aware that Razor is VERY CPU hungry. It will eat up almost any computer even when it’s set to only 6 voices of polyphony! There are some tricks to getting more polyphony out of Razor that I’ll be sharing soon in a support video.


Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walkthru video (and other support videos) and you will be impressed with what YOU can do with after adding this amazing library to your arsenal!

3 Libraries are included in this Triple-Play bundle:

Evil Razor – released October 10, 2011 – agressive, lots of unique sounds – mostly with an edge but if you own any of my libraries you know I like to mix up what a library contains. 100% inspiration infused.

Rotten Razor – released February 14, 2014 – perfect for slow sleepy love songs. NOT! This was maybe even edgier than Evil Razor and contains lots of wobble basses that are set to various LFO divisions for easier use in modern dubstep/brostep/trap productions.

Razor Chill – released October 10, 2017 – If you need inspiring plucks/bells/synths along with lush pads and perfect in the mix basses for 2017 EDM production genres, then this library is a goldmine.

All added up – 265 patches of pure inspiration with a very unique sound thanks to the one-of-a-kind engine you will find in Razor that no other synthesizer (hardware or software) has or is even capable of doing. This truly is one of my production secret weapons for this very reason – it sounds like NOTHING else but sounds amazing in a mix. So use RAZOR if you never have before – it will put a VERY BIG smile on your face.

3 Separate libraries

EVIL RAZOR: 74 Patches

Rotten Razor: 105 Patches

Razor Chill: 75 Patches

These show up as 3 separate downloads – installation is the same for all 3. Be aware that the snapshot ability has changed in Reaktor 6. The “SSF” file format is no longer supported it appears in Reaktor 6. The Video included in the Razor Chill library explains how this has changed.

Requires: Reaktor 6 and the ensemble RAZOR. Evil Razor/Rotten Razor work with Reaktor 5 or 6. Razor Chill ONLY works with Reaktor 6. If you own Native Instruments Komplete 11, then you have Reaktor 6 AND Razor already installed.

Download size: 32MB – these are presets so there are no samples.

File Delivery: Digital Download

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