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OMG! Drums URBAN RMX for Omnisphere 2

BIGGEST & coolest library I have created to date! 213 Multis / 543 Patches / 179 Drum, Bass, Synth and FX samples and hundreds of hours programming Omnisphere 2 to the max in one library.

Urban RMX takes ALL of my tricks and deep knowledge from releasing almost 30 libraries (this is library #29!) for Omnisphere and packs it into a library with incredible drum samples, drum grooves, tons of BPM patches (over 250!) and Multis that will inject MASSIVE doses of inspiration into your music productions.

45 NEW Modern Grooves that first appeared in BreakTweaker – with a very unique urban flavor combined with absolute MIND BLOWING DEEP level programming of Omnisphere 2 to make the coolest and most fun to jam with library I’ve ever created to date! 40 of the 45 grooves include a RMX or REMIXED version of the original groove. THESE ARE INSANE and what make the library special….

Please watch some of the videos to see what a creative juice jam feast this library is! I think I made up a new phrase…. lol

Also check out the sound cloud audio demos – these are a SINGLE Omnisphere 2 Multi – played in Real-Time with no other effects!!

Like all my libraries there is a 100% guarantee that you will be happy with this purchase or your money back!



This was a blast to create!

I started with the OMG! DRUMS: Urban library that was created by Nato Feelz and myself. I imported in those amazing Drum, Bass, Synth and FX samples, and made Drum Kits, LOOPS and GRV Multis. THEN – I added steroids, energy drinks and even Ginkgo biloba to the patches and TOTALLY REMIXED 40 of the Grooves to make truly special, mind blowing Multis (these have “GRV RMX” and “RMX MAP” at the end of the Multi Names).

I wanted to write an album this year of new music. It turned into this library! That’s how cool and powerful these Multis are. This library is 100% John Lehmkuhl in regards to the Omnisphere 2 programming. This is my album project – presented in a format where you can take these and use them in YOUR album project!

Have fun and thank you again for your continued support.

Oh and a quote I live by:

May the groove be with you, ALWAYS!





542 Patches – over 250 are BPM Patches in Bass, Synth, Lead, FX and a Drum groove elements. Every patch from each GRV RMX was saved as a BPM Patch. Every patch from each GRV was saved as a normal, playable patch for maximum usability from this library.

212 Multis (45 Different Grooves in up to 5 different version (KIT, LOOP, GRV, GRV RMX (40) and RMX MAP (40))





Requires Omnisphere 2.4 or later

Download size: 91MB

File Delivery: Digital Download




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  • Good lord.....this is the BOMB!

    I just bought this yesterday as I needed some quick Urban beats for a project and I had no idea what awesomeness I was letting myself in for. This is an amazing collection of Urban style instruments and beats. But the multis…..the multis……..well they blew my mind! I’m now using these in Hybrid orchestral scores! Versatile and amazing….cheers John…..another cracker!

  • From East to West, Kaboom !!!

    John, I already contacted you when I heard the teaser with the message ; “I want this !!”
    This library is beyond anything you ever could imagine !!
    Wether you are a Bollywood Producer, A DanceHall, or HipHop artist.

    This one is a must have, It gives you tons of ideas and so much inspiration to produce any genre.

    Hats off John !!!

  • In a word...SLÃMMIN'!!!!!

    John, just when I think you’ve outdone yourself…you manage to out-outdo yourself!
    I’ve just started to go through this library, and already I’m amazed by the sound quality and programming of the patches and multis…oh, and the Remixes, tøø. 🙂
    Can’t wait to go through ’em all, then start integrating with your other éXcellent libraries!!

  • Great Work-Simply The Best *****

    Truly one of the best libraries & I didn’t even touch the multis yet & did not go past BPM chords yet. Waow!!!

    You did say this was all of your learning experiences working in Omnisphere over the years put together and it shows. I’m sure your name will be all over the next Korg Kronos if they decide to go for it. I’ll be waiting for it.


  • RMX is an understatement

    Loving the remixes. Especially lots of different drum rhythms, syncopated, some with definite Reggae feel. What you can do in a few months would take me a lifetime to achieve.

  • The ultimate library to own

    John has surpassed his talent again to a higher level . This collection is amazing. The versatility in
    programming allows you to use the sounds and multis in several different ways or methods which a lot of libraries from others do not . The 543 patches alone are incredible sounding . Simply amazing

  • OMG! Drums URBAN RMX for Omnisphere 2

    I love the programming. Being able to have drums and bass all built in and the use of the pitch and mod wheels. Fantastic.

  • OMG! Drums lives up to the name

    John you really did it again. What a library, folks it’s amazing!!! I’m spoilt for choice, It’s difficult to choose a fav but I’m sure there will be once I get through the library…. 🙂

  • OMG! Drums URBAN RMX for Omnisphere 2

    You did it again John! Fantastic library!

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