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Modern Cinema – Back to the 80s (Vital)

VITAL Version 1.5.5 REQUIRED FOR THIS LIBRARY TO WORK! – Get Vital HERE if you don’t own it – it’s FREE!

This is the VITAL ONLY VERSION. There is also a Vital + Unify version available HERE.

Introducing Modern Cinema: Back to the 80s”

A Nostalgic Journey through the 80s Soundscape!

Step into a time machine of sonic nostalgia with “Back to the 80s,” a 188 Patch meticulously crafted library of sounds created using the cutting-edge technology of the Vital synthesizer. If you’re a fervent admirer of the 80s era, this collection is a dream come true, capturing the essence of a decade that revolutionized music and pop culture.

There is also a Vital + Unify version (Available HERE)  which adds 8 drum kits, TONS of 80’s drum grooves to some of the most famous Pop songs and even song templates for instant composition starting points. 292 Patches in total for $20 more in cost. If you own Unify, you’ll want this version!

This is one of the most definitive and inspiring 80’s libraries I’ve ever seen and the lovely thing is it’s based mostly on Synthesis, NOT SAMPLES so there is more flexibility and LIFE in this library than other libraries like this one.

Check out the audio demos to hear these lovely sounds in action.

Immerse yourself in the pulsating rhythms and iconic synth tones that defined the 80s. Our library is a heartfelt homage to the artists and innovators who shaped the era. Each sound has been lovingly designed to evoke the spirit of the times, drawing upon the infectious grooves and neon-drenched atmosphere that still hold a special place in our hearts.

Picture yourself cruising down a palm-lined boulevard, the sun setting on a world ablaze with neon hues. Feel the power of the drums that drove anthems like “the final countdown,” and let the soaring leads transport you back to packed arenas where legends like Michael Jackson and Madonna held court. “Back to the 80s” captures these sensations, offering a treasure trove of presets that effortlessly transport your productions into the neon-drenched landscape of the 80s.

But this isn’t just a collection of sounds – it’s a testament to our unwavering love for the 80s. Each patch is a labor of admiration, meticulously designed to honor the pop culture phenomena that continue to inspire us. It’s a celebration of the VHS era, where music and movies melded to create unforgettable moments that still resonate today.

188 Patches for Vital from

Requires Vital version 1.5.5 or Later (patches WILL NOT WORK with version 1.0.7)

Download size:  99.8MB

Fully Installed: 173.9 MB

Digital Download – email link sent to you when purchased (limited time link that works only 1x) – log into your account at the site to download the library.

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