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MegaWAV EPIC: Serum

100 Inspiring Patches!

61 Wavetables – hand crafted from incredible analog and digital synthesizers.

Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walkthru video (and other support videos) and you will be impressed with what YOU can do after adding this amazing library to your arsenal!


About the Programmer: John Lehmkuhl and Seth Norman

Library Specifics:

Every one of the 200 patches has all 4 Macro knobs and the Modulation wheel assigned to do serious sonic damage to the sound in interesting ways.  This added programming takes a lot of time that most libraries ignore (because the programmers are lazy).  PlugInGuru has NEVER ignored this and always programmed every patch in every library to use all real-time controls to manipulate the sounds.

61 custom, handcrafted wave tables that John and Seth created exclusively for Serum.  Many of the recordings that ended up as wavetables came from Analog Modular synthesizers.  Other patches came from fully programmed patches in Massive in FM8.  (Some of the patches are from existing PlugInGuru libraries for Massive or FM8 in fact!) These wavetables were constructed in many cases slowly by hand using a process that I developed (there is a video showing this technique on my YouTube pluginguru channel) to assure the best sound quality and phase coherence from one wavetable slice to the next.

Watch the Video Demo where I play thru many many of the patches if you want to get a closer look at the patches you will find in these libraries.

Modulation Wheel – all bets are off but make it EPIC whenever possible!  The wheel can change synth parameters AND effects for truly exciting results in many cases.  Play with the Mod Wheel on each patch to find out what it does!

100 Inspiring Patches ( all 4 Macro knobs abd Modulation programmed on every patch)

61 Wavetables – hand crafted from incredible analog and digital synthesizers.

Xfer Records Serum version 1.02b8 or Later Required! If you don’t have version 1.02b8, you can get it from the Xfer Records Serum Form

• Internet connection to download the .ZIP file.

• Google Doc Owners Manual is Online for easy access from anywhere.

• Total download sizes:

MegaWav Epic Zip File = 95 Mb

MegaWav EVIL Zip File = 108 Mb

MegaWav COMBO Zip File = 206 Mb

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