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MegaMagic: Guitars Vol 1 & 2 BUNDLE for Omnisphere 2

UNIFY Patches Added!! 3 Libraries = 440 Omnisphere 2 Patches are now included in Unify Format. You MUST install the Omnisphere 2 libraries into Omnisphere 2 for these bonus libraries to work. So fun to layer all of these different patches in Unify!

Here is an opportunity to pick up both Vol 1 and Vol 2 of MegaMagic: Guitars for Omnisphere 2.1 and save some money too. Vol 1 has the 6-samples in a single Multi amazing to play guitars while Vol 2 has close to 300 single-sample guitar samples that cover a very broad range and are a LOT more versatile than you would expect from a single sample mapped across the whole keyboard range! The BONUS single-sample versions of the Vol 1 guitars is also included in this bundle. It is January 2017 – there will be bonus content – new Patches and Multis that will be released in February 2017 that use Vol 1 and Vol 2 guitars TOGETHER. Those patches will be free to anybody that owns both versions of MegaMagic: Guitars for Omnisphere 2.1. Yay!

Listen to the demo songs, check out the patch walkthru videos and you will see why this has quickly become a favorite library for many of my customers. These play incredibly and sound magical in a way no other library can duplicate!

2 Full Libraries PLUS a BONUS library!

Requires Omnisphere 2.1 or later

Download size:

VOL 1 = 463MB

VOL 2 = 655MB

Bonus Pathes for Vol 1 = 1MB

File Delivery: Digital Download

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