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Ultra Mega 71 Library Bundle

Original Price $1,998.00

RETAIL for all 71 Libraries: $2,840.00

From 2009 until 2018, I have released 71 Libraries for over 18 different synthesizer plug-ins. Here is an opportunity to own ALL 71 libraries with a single purchase! When you buy a library, that library shows up in your “Libraries You Own” list and stays there – so when you buy 71 libraries, then you will have 71 different libraries you can download – whenever you wish. You DON’T have to download all 71 at once…. you can download a couple libraries, play with them, make notes, write music, repeat. Over and over for the next year if you wish….

Here is the list of libraries includes in this ULTRA MEGA BUNDLE:


71 Libraries – everything we’ve ever released between 2009 and 2018 in a single purchase:

Omnisphere 2:

MegaMagic: Viola

MegaMagic: Violin

MegaMagic: Cello

MegaMagic: Dreams

MegaMagic: Guitars Part 1

MegaMagic: Guitars Part 2

MegaMagic: PADS

MegaMagic: Bells/Winds

Retrosphere V1: Oberheim

Percussa Vol 1 Synthetic Percussion

OMG! Drums V1 (Dubstep & Hip Hop)

OMG! Drums V2 (Dance and Trance)

OMG! Drums Urban Remix

Del Norte EDM / Chill for Omnisphere 2

Instant Score: Galactik


Radio Ready Vol 1

Airwave Volume 1

Airwave Volume 2

Omniverse I

OmniVerse II: A Dark Hope

OmniVerse III: Aurora



OmniPulse 2 | PERSPEKTIV

Northern Lights

Northern Impakt V1


SabreSphere V2

Omni – X Analog BPM

Omni – X Analog BPM V2

Toxic Omnisphere


Kid Anthem V1

Kid Anthem V2: Omni / Log

ESC PlugInGuru Tribute Library

Kontakt 5:

Del Norte EDM / Chill

MegaMagic: Bells/Winds MegaMagic: Cello

MegaMagic: Dreams

MegaMagic: Guitars Komplete

MegaMagic: PADS

SuperMacho Drums K5.6

OMG! Drums Urban Kits for SuperMacho Drums

Native Instruments:

Absynth Power Pack

Massive Power Pack Vol 1

FM8 Power Pack

Toxic FM8

Evil Razor

Razor Chill

Rotten Razor


Urban (Pop & Hip Hop)

Kamoji (EDM & Dance)

Power Tollz (Bass Music & Dubstep)



MegaMagic: Dreams

MegaMagic: Bells/Winds

MegaMagic: PADS


OMG! Drums

OMG! Urban Drums for BreakTweaker

MegaMacho Drums

Single Products:

Bass Box: Trillian

FuturX for Spire

MegaMacho Drums: WAV

Malicious Sylenth

Toxic Zebra

Universal Cafe for Blue II

Stylus RMX:

Stylus RMX Power Pack

BeatBreakers & OMG! Drums

BeaTropolis: RX2 Loops


NOT INCLUDED in this Bundle:

Unify and Unify Libraries

ESC Neutronics for Omnisphere 2

TetraSonics for Omnisphere 2

Airwave Box of Noise

OmniPulse 3 for Omnisphere 2

Kolours for Keyscape / Omnisphere 2

Signs of Life for Omnisphere 2


ESC Personal Flavours

Airwave V3 for Omnisphere 2

Airwave V3 Loops for Omnisphere 2

Alchemy Powerpack

Retrosphere V1 for Omnisphere 2





135 Patches

40 Wavetables

21 Bass & Sub Bass

36 INSANE BPM/Motion Basses

14 Chord Synth

11 FX Rizers/Transitions & Bubbles!

14 Leads (Old School to Nü School)

7 Synth Pads

5 Rhythmic Perc (Hihats / Shaker / Triangle)

12 Pluck Synths

8 1-note Sequence patches

6 Textures

1 Drone of Death


Requires Omnisphere 2 (most libraries compatible with 2.2 – 2.4 with 1 library compatible with only 2.5), Serum, FM8, Massive, Razor, Absynth 5, Zebra 2, Repro 1/5, Blue II, BreakTweaker, Stylus RMX, Trilian and more!

Download size: LOTS of Gigabytes!

File Delivery: Digital Download – each library will show up as a separate download. They are attached to your User Area so you don’t have to download them all at once!


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