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Everything Omnisphere 2018

Retail for all of these libraries: $1526.00

36 Omnisphere Libraries (all are 100% compatible with Omnisphere v2.5) in a single purchase! This puts into your hands literally YEARS and YEARS of work by myself and all of the other programmers I have helped produce the libraries they have released. Some libraries include BONUS files as well so it’s more than 35 files to download! Because of how this website works, by buying this, you can download libraries over time – just log into your account and they are all available. So you can download slowly over the coming year if you wish to allow each library to be explored and come back to download another library from your account in the future… This special offer is ONLY for the following 4 days. After November 26th, the price will go back to being 30% off instead of 60% off. Grab this while you can at this INSANE PRICE and I sincerely thank you for your business!

This is it!!! ALL 36 Libraries we have released for Omnisphere since 2012 in a single purchase!

Save an insane amount of money between now and November 26th on all of these libraries:

MegaMagic: Viola

MegaMagic: Violin

MegaMagic: Cello

MegaMagic: Dreams

MegaMagic: Guitars Part 1

MegaMagic: Guitars Part 2

MegaMagic: PADS

MegaMagic: Bells/Winds

Retrosphere V1: Oberheim

Percussa Vol 1 Synthetic Percussion

OMG! Drums V1 (Dubstep & Hip Hop)

OMG! Drums V2 (Dance and Trance)

OMG! Drums Urban Remix

Del Norte EDM / Chill for Omnisphere 2

Instant Score: Galactik


Radio Ready Vol 1

Airwave Volume 1

Airwave Volume 2

Omniverse I

OmniVerse II: A Dark Hope

OmniVerse III: Aurora



OmniPulse 2 | PERSPEKTIV

Northern Lights

Northern Impakt V1


SabreSphere V2

Omni – X Analog BPM

Omni – X Analog BPM V2

Toxic Omnisphere


Kid Anthem V1

Kid Anthem V2: Omni / Log

ESC PlugInGuru Tribute Library


135 Patches

40 Wavetables

21 Bass & Sub Bass

36 INSANE BPM/Motion Basses

14 Chord Synth

11 FX Rizers/Transitions & Bubbles!

14 Leads (Old School to Nü School)

7 Synth Pads

5 Rhythmic Perc (Hihats / Shaker / Triangle)

12 Pluck Synths

8 1-note Sequence patches

6 Textures

1 Drone of Death

Requires Serum version 1.107 or later

Download size: 32MB

File Delivery: Digital Download

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