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Dragonfly Reverbs (ER, Room, Hall & Plate)

We’re very happy to share with you 4 wonderful sounding DSP based reverbs created by Michael Willis, Dragonfly Early Reflection, Room, Hall and Plate reverb. These were added to Unify in July of this year and have been used in both the Unify Standard Library as well as CloudCity V1 patches. The space these reverb create is very warm and has a very unique character to them.

A single download contains both Mac and PC installers. VST2 and VST3 for PC and VST2, VST3 and Audio Unit versions for Mac computers are included.

Note: These are stereo only reverbs at this time. A future update in 2021 will add a mono reverb option.

Dragonfly Reverb is a bundle of four free, open-source reverb effects developed by Michael Willis, based on Freeverb3 by Teru Kamogashira. These updated versions by Shane Dunne add modified presets, a simple, clean GUI, and are also open-source – see

The VST2 versions of these plug-ins are bundled with PlugInGuru’s Unify product, with the kind permission of Michael Willis.

This new package, which is distributed in accordance with the GNU General Public License, version 3, includes installers for Windows and MacOS, which install VST2, VST3, and (Mac only) Audio Units versions of all four Dragonfly reverbs.

The knobs are color coded based on what they do to the reverb to help make things clear. If you adjust an ORANGE knob, the tonality of the reverb is going to change. If you adjust a DARK BLUE knob, the volume of the reverb is going to change. Everybody loves modern interfaces with cool 3D knobs that look alike, but we think it’s more important that know have help knowing what the knobs will do to the sound, so we didn’t do 3D knob that look cool. But the sound of the reverb DEFINITELY is cool!

4 Reverb Plug-Ins

Dragonfly Early Reflections

Dragonfly Room

Dragonfly Hall

Dragonfly Plate

Windows: A 64-bit Windows system is required.

Mac: Compatible from OS X 10.9 – OS X 11 Big Sur (Fully Notarized)

Download size: 32 MB / Unzipped these take up 2.1GB of HD space uncompressed.

File Delivery: Digital Download

Installation Instructions: Download, unzip and follow the READ ME .PDF file. You may delete the .zip file after installing if you wish. Log into your account anytime in the future to download again.



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  • Some intereting updates...

    Good day,

    1. The layout is clean
    2. The employment of “coloured knobs” is practical
    3. A few nice presets

    1. Still no ability to save presets “natively”
    2. The use of JUCE is “buggy”
    • I have tested over 50 plug-ins that 1) have either been fully developed with JUCE, or 2) those that were recently updated to JUCE…and all exhibit the very same anomalies…a freezing of the UI when updating the UI.
    • This anomaly apparently does not arise in many PC-Based plug-in host…but it most certainly does in one.

    Thus, I will continue with Michael’s iteration…

    I hope that some find this information of some practicable use.

  • Dragonfly Reverbs

    I used to have these plugins years ago!! As far as my memory goes they were quite good :)

    Thanks, John for this REVIVAL

  • Very beautiful sound!

    The GUI and the sound are great! I get the result quickly and easy. Thank you for the reverbs!

  • Great value plugin

    This is a great value I would encourage everyone to make this venture.

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