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MegaMacho Drums: BreakTweaker

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If you’ve played with iZotope’s BreakTweaker, it’s hard to not be impressed with the abilities of this plug-in.  However if you’ve played thru the presets, you’ll find 92 mostly EDM presets and a confusing layout of the 12 patterns in each preset.  When I purchased this on the day it came out, I immediately realised this as being a plug-in that desperately needed a Power Pack!

Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walkthru video (and other support videos) and you will be impressed with both BreakTweaker’s abilities and what YOU can do after adding this amazing library to your arsenal!

GENRES:  Breaks, Chill, Dance, DnB, Dubstep, Film, Glitch, Glitch Hop, Moombaton, Rock, Techno, and Trap

About the Programmer: For the first time ever, I hired 4 other programmers to work with me on this project.  Ryeland Allison, Toby Pitman, Seth Norman and Carl Helder worked with me to create the patterns.  Their resumes of clients they have worked with is impressive and inspiring (Hanz Zimmer, Sir Paul McCartney, James Newton Howard, TOOL, James Newton Howard, Triage, BT and many many more).  The end results is a truly inspiring library of grooves exclusive to BreakTweaker that use MegaMacho Drum Samples, Factory samples and in some cases the Expansion sample libraries that you can purchase from iZotope (highly recommended).

Library Specifics:  The majority of these 124 presets have 10 patterns and follow identical note layout standards.  Patterns 1-3 are the groove (pattern 2 ALWAYS has no pitch and ready for writing music in ANY key).  Patterns 4 – 6 are fills.  Patterns 7 – 9 are No Kick, No Snare and No Kick or Snare patterns.  Pattern #10 is generally a single snare hit so that you can do simpler drum fills.  This makes working with these presets a lot of fun because you know what to expect when you play a note instead of having to learn what groove each pattern is before starting to write music.  If you have worked with the factory voicing, you totally know what we’re talking about.

Modulation Wheel – all bets are off but make it EPIC whenever possible!  The wheel can change synth parameters AND effects for truly exciting results in many cases.  Play with the Mod Wheel on each patch to find out what it does!

124 Presets in 11 Genres including:













910 Sound Generator Presets

1,061 Drum Samples from MegaMacho Drums

Requires: BreakTweaker 1.0.1 Plug-In for PC or Mac

NOTE: Make sure you have the additional 1.5Gb FACTORY SAMPLE CONTENT installed or you will get “Missing Samples” messages! If you still get error messages, REINSTALL this library again!

NOTE 2: Cinematic Textures and Vintage Machines Expansion Libraries also required for 16 of these 124 Presets.

211MB Download

378.6 MB unzipped

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