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Airwave Box of Noise: Club Techno V2

Box of Noise is a set of 10 WAV audio file libraries created by Laurent “AIRWAVE” Veronnez. Drum Loops, Bass/Growls/Chords & Hits and so much more (depending on which library you pick!)

NOTE: This is a drum loop library with around 20 main grooves which has a number of variations to those main grooves. It is not 200+ different drum loops but more a nice number of main grooves with variations you can place in your song at different places for sonic variety. The Triloops Remixed drum loop libraries are the only ones where every loop is pretty much a different loop but all at the same tempo.

BOX OF NOISE for Omnisphere 2.6 is ALSO Available and contains totally different / unique samples used to make 400 patches and 17 Multis. Grab it too!

The Soundcloud demos are using ONLY samples + loops from these libraries. The quality of music productions you can do with these libraries is pretty mind blowing!


Box of Noise is an incredible set of 10 libraries of WAV audio files that will add sonic energy and fresh inspiration to your music productions – all created by Airwave. He is a genius and pioneer in our industry that has been a music producer in the Dance/Trance universe for 20+ years. He’s released over 500 singles to date and his production skills are in a class few others can touch.

This is the first libraries of WAV loops and hits we’ve released at These won’t be the last!


177 Drum Loop (with cool variations!) WAV Audio files



WAV Audio Files

Download size: 236 MB

File Delivery: Digital Download


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