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Modern Cinema – Ambient Dreams for Unify

Modern Cinema presents Ambient Dreams for Unify, a 230 Patch, +3,000 sample library created by Bob Dedes! This is a jaw dropping library where virtually everything comes acoustic instrument recordings Bob produced with groundbreaking techniques in sound design to turn them into something unique and special! There are new categories like MOTION – f l o w and SCENES categories that will have you glued to playing these sounds for HOURS and HOURS! Many of these sounds simply play on their own by holding down a single note and the Ambient Dreaming experience has started!

Created for Unify with no other plug-ins required, this library arrives with more than 12 different categories of patches. Fully installed the 10.88 GB library will give you Bob’s Mello Piano along with Grain Piano FX and Cloud layer FX variations, numerous other Keyboard patches, over 20 guitar patches (some are multi-velocity with round robin samples), over 20 different Harmonic patches from Guitar, Violin, Ukelele, Bass, Harmonica and more, Synth and Synth FX and THE HEART OF THE LIBRARY – over 100 Organic MOTION Patches that are like nothing I’ve heard before. Ambient, with rhythm that comes and goes, with round robin samples in some cases, these have to be played to be believed!


We have created 10 Patch library that highlights 10 Samples from the 3,000+ found in this library. Patches are in Native Unify format and Native Vital format. The same download link will download BOTH libraries, you install based on owning either Unify or the FREE software synth Vital. DOWNLOAD LINK for the DEMO Library File.

Please watch the walkthru video and play the demo tracks. The Audio Demos are 100% ONLY THIS LIBRARY coming out of a single instance of Unify. 

While Bob’s goal was to fire up people that love ambient music, these elements can easily fit into today’s Hip Hop loops, current pop styles, Lofi, Chill and more.

Check out the demos, watch the video walkthru and you’ll be blown away, this is a 1-stop library for pure inspiration!

From Bob when describing his library:

“Ambient Dreams is a complete Toolkit – the perfect way to create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere in any setting. It features a collection of beautifully crafted sounds, carefully selected to create a calming and peaceful environment.

Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day, create a peaceful space for meditation or yoga, or simply create a tranquil atmosphere in your home or office, Ambient Dreams will have you covered. Each sound has been meticulously designed to provide a unique and immersive experience, transporting you to a place of relaxation and tranquility.

Ambient Dreams includes a range of sounds, from gentle raindrops and flowing streams to soft piano melodies and ethereal vocal harmonies. These sounds can be mixed and matched to create your own unique soundscapes, allowing you to tailor your experience to your preferences!   – Bob Dedes”

230 Patches for Unify with some truly unique categories not seen in any other library!

Some pointers for just SOME of the categories:

BPM ARP – you can play chords or single notes, Macro Knob 2 “Sync” is great for changing the rhythm of the sequences.

BPM SEQ – These are designed for 1 note playing. In many cases, to not even play other notes because there are chord changes in the Sequence/MIDI files Bob created. These are 100% royalty free for you to use for any productions.

MOTION – f l o w – are Patches where almost every note is a different performed rhythmic pattern with these incredible sounds Bob created. The repeat, some almost pause before starting up again, others keep the energy once they start. These are very unique!

MOTION BRASS/ENS/MALLETS/STRINGS/VOX/WINDS – similar to the Flow patches where many samples were created across the whole keyboard to keep tempo in about the same motion/energy but not totally defined to a set tempo. Some start, fade and repeat, others don’t. All are creative and inspiring!

SCENES – totally special to this library. Bob curated a set of Patches that match a vibe. They give me goose pimples every time I play them!

TEXT – also very special to this library. Taking organic audio and manipulating it in very special ways to create sounds that are simply pure inspiration. Try them alone but then start stacking these, panning them and creating your own “SCENES” and then you have goose pimples on top of goose pimples!

At the very end of the library you’ll find 14 Bonus Patches as “z” Patches to keep Bob’s vision of the library un-interrupted. I also create 1 BASS patch for a total of 15 patches. The other 215 Patches are from Bob!

Requires Unify 1.9.1 or later.

Download size:  6 separate .zip files appox 1.25GB in size each.

Unzip and install each of the .guru files in order (1 of 6, then 2. of 6, then 3 of 6 etc. etc)

Fully Installed: 10.88 GB

Digital Download – email link sent to you when purchased (works only 1x) – log into your account at the site to download the library or view your personal license number anytime.


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  • Very beautiful sounds

    Superb. Yet another quality library from PluginGuru team. This really keeps you playing for hours. A Lot of evolving granular sounds. Love it. Heavily recommended. A+++

  • Ambient Dreams

    I try to write etherial, ambient song’s and Finally someone has just opened the door to so many ideas. This truly is a Story Telling library. Great Job Guy’s!!!

  • Wonderful Ambient library, powerfully different!

    Wonderful library, up there with the best. Offers something different. Brilliantly put together, (with love). I fully recommend this library. Nothing comes close, check it out, you won’t be disappointed. 5stars.

  • Jaw dropping indeed!

    This can only be a ‘first impressions’ review at this stage but…Wow! I had immense fun in the 2 hours it took me to audition the patches. By the end of this process I had unwittingly managed to compose the soundtrack to the next season of The Mandalorian! Truly inspirational and my initial top tip is to say keep the note/s held down and all sorts of magic happens. An absolute steal at this price and i’ve only just begun. Thanks once again John, Bob and team – superb.

  • On the next level

    Superb library, one of the best so far. The way in which the sounds morph and move to create mood is amazing. This library is a “must have” in your Unify arsenal of sounds.

  • My Dream Library!

    Following the gentleman’s review above, I have purchased several libraries and this is easily my favorite. I feel very blessed to add this my collection. Hands together, and heads bowed. Thank you all, for the beautiful work that became, Ambient Dreams.

  • mise en abyme (set in the abyss)

    Ambient Dreams is chock full of auditory delight: images within images/stories within stories

    There is a cool surprise around every corner, a truly exceptional result

  • Ambient song composer

    Much more then an ambient library, most advanced and complex library so far. I really agree with the tutorial needed especially for the more complex stuff like the BPM Sequences. But it seems its in the pipeline already :-). Really my “dream” library so far.

  • Favorite library already!

    By the 2nd hour playing with this one it was already my favorite Unify library so far (of 25 purchased). So soothing, uplifting and effortlessly playable.

    Though I do produce full tracks with multiple plug-ins, I also really enjoy just improvisationally noodling with Unify and the patches in this sort of library as pure recreation and (especially with this one) meditation, therapy and self-care.

    Ambient Dreams for Unify is deeply and profoundly beautiful. Thank you Skippy (+ team) and Bob for this magnificent collective achievement.

  • Superlative library!

    Just what I have been looking for. A brief tutorial on this gem of a library wouldn’t come amiss. I’m sure that’s in the pipeline. More like this please! (Assuming there is demand and I don’t see why there wouldn’t be.)

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