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Alchemy PowerPack Video

Here is the 3-Part 1 Hour Video Tutorial for Alchemy without the Patches for those that just want to dive deeper into working with Alchemy. There is a TON of information presented here in a real-world setting. This is NOT a talking owners manual but instead an explanation of how Alchemy works in a way that will make sense and get you rocking without requiring 7 hours of screen time.

If you own the Camel Audio version of Alchemy – I’d say 90% of the information presented here will apply to you. If not, please let me know – I have the original version of Camel Audio’s Alchemy installed in a computer and aside from a different layout of where the parameters are found in the OSCILLATOR section, most everything else works the same between both versions. They have to be very close to identical internally because the new version is perfectly capable of playing patches from the original version.

The 1GB of video is divided into 3 parts:

Part 1: Intro & The Interface (15:50)

Part 2: The Osciallator (25:21)

Part 3: “Patch from Scratch” Playtime! (25:54)

The goal of this video series is to help empower you so you can understand how Alchemy works!

3 Video Files with me talking and showing you the cool things Alchemy can do so you can do them too!

Video is in the 1920 x 1080 HD – MP4 file format

Download size: 1.07GB

File Delivery: Digital Download

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