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PlugInGuru BOOO! Bonus Patches & Song Writing Event

Fill in this form and an email will be sent to you with a link to download 168 Community Created Patches for Omnisphere 2.2+

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After downloading these 168 Patches –

WRITE A SONG for a chance to win PlugInGuru Patch Libraries! Use hashtag #guruhalloween2017 on SoundCloud for your entry!



1st Place award of 3 PlugInGuru Libraries plus BoooomBox Creative Toolbox (out Oct 27th)
2nd Place award of 2 PlugInGuru Libraries plus BoooomBox Creative Toolbox (out Oct 27th)
3nd Place award of 1 PlugInGuru Libraries plus BoooomBox Creative Toolbox (out Oct 27th)

3 songs will also also earn an honorable mention and receive BoooomBox Creative Toolbox!

MOST IMPORANT: You HAVE to use 5 patches from this library! Use anything else you wish to build the song. Have fun!

Anybody can enter – Amature to professional – any age.

Any kind of song can be composed – just have fun!

We would prefer that you upload your song to your personal account at You can email me directly but that makes this a lot more work and your song might get lost. Please use the hashtag:  #guruhalloween2017 on Soundcloud so we can find your songs and add them to the playlist. Again, this is simply a fun event to give you an opportunity to write music and enjoy your software based plug-ins that we provide lots of world-class presets for….. This is not sponsored by any corporations – just hosted by John Lehmkuhl owner/operator of


Demo Patches File Download FINE PRINT:

There is no assumed liability that can be assigned to me for damages done by using this .omnisphere file in ways not intended or in unauthorized illegal versions of the Omnisphere 2 plug-in. After October 27th, these free BONUS PATCHES will be provided as a bonus library to all customers of “PlugInGuru BooomBox Creative Toolbox” for Omnisphere 2.1.

Good Luck to Everybody! Again – this is all just to have FUN!